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15 Beautiful Fall-Inspired Wreath Ideas

A door wreath is a festive decoration that you can hang on your front door, either during the holidays or all year round. Some people put wreaths on their doors because they want to welcome things into their home by creating an entrance that’s as cheerful as possible—if your front door is easy to spot from far away, it becomes a focal point, and if visitors are met with a particularly lovely wreath, it can be a bright way for them to start to feel at home in your space.

Other people put wreaths on their doors because they love the tradition of decorating the exterior of their homes, especially with seasonal decorations. If you love the holiday season but live in an apartment building where you don’t have the option of putting up lights or other permanent decorations, a wreath is one way to incorporate these happy feelings into your space while still respecting the rules and guidelines of your community.

If you are just as excited about door wreaths as we are, you will love these fall-inspired wreath ideas:

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