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Fashion Trends We Want To Bring Back From The ’60s

In a decade that started off with John F. Kennedy’s inauguration, it’s no surprise that the ’60s became a time of change and rebellion. With the new president came new ideas and a new way of thinking about things—a lot of which trickled down to how people dressed.

Once upon a time, colors were reserved for the wealthy and were used to show their status in society; they were not a part of everyone’s wardrobe. That all changed in the ’60s when colors began to take over every aspect of people’s lives—people wore vibrant colors throughout their outfits, from the underwear on up to their outer garments.

However, this was not the only thing that made the 60’s fashion so groundbreaking—the 1960 also saw the rise of youth culture and the beginning of what we now call “The Fashion Revolution”. When young people began to discover their own unique style, they started looking for ways to express themselves through what they wore.

A popular fashion trend at the time was wearing two or three items at once that were completely different from each other: they’d wear a skirt over pants and high-heeled boots, or skinny jeans with an oversized sweater. It wasn’t just about looking cute anymore; it was about finding ways to stand out from others and showing your personality through clothing.

Here are some of our favorite ’60s fashion trends we’d love to bring back:

Mini Skirts

Off The Shoulder Tops

Oversized Sunglasses

Monochromatic Outfits

Satin Blouses

Silk Headscarf

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