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How To Keep Motivated To Exercise In Autumn

Autumn is the time of year when you start to miss the warmth and light of summer. It can also be a time when you feel like you need to exercise more than ever, but you just don’t have the motivation to get out there and do it.

Here are some tips on how to keep motivated:

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Plan your goals. Set reasonable goals for yourself that are achievable and realistic. For example, instead of saying “I want to run a marathon by next year”, try setting a goal such as “I want to run 3 miles one day this week” or “I want to walk 1 mile on Thursday after work”.

Go out and enjoy the fresh air. Take advantage of all that nature has to offer in autumn: take a walk, go for a hike or even play football with your friends! You’ll get some exercise, but also enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. You may even meet other people who are exercising outdoors as well!

Celebrate milestones. Even if your goal isn’t reached this month, celebrate small successes along the way. For example, if you reach 10,000 steps on your step tracker or finish a workout session without stopping (and are able to keep going), that’s a big win! You might be surprised at how much more motivated you feel when you achieve a small goal or milestone along the way. Celebrate every little victory by giving yourself a pat on the back, or buying yourself a treat — whatever makes you feel good.

Compete with yourself (use steps tracker). Instead of competing against others, try competing with yourself by using a steps tracker app like Runkeeper or Endomondo. This way, you’ll know how much progress you’re making toward your goal each day and feel motivated to keep pushing yourself harder.

Work out in a group. Working out with other people helps motivate us and keeps us accountable. You might not want to work out alone, so having a group of people around who are all trying to reach their fitness goals together can help push you further than if it was just one person pushing themselves.  Find a workout buddy or join a gym and get your sweat on!

Try something new this autumn. If you’ve always been intimidated by running on the treadmill but want to try something new this fall, consider trying running outside in the park or on trails around your neighborhood. You can also try cycling, yoga, cardio, swimming,…)

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